Breast Cancer Vaccine Breast cancer vaccine age limit

Breast Cancer Vaccine | Breast cancer vaccine age limit

A breast cancer vaccine is being developed by scientists at the Cleveland Clinic. Just how near are they?

The study team is now in phase 1-A, with phase 1-B soon to follow. In 1-A, individuals who have had triple-negative breast cancer but are still at risk were given the vaccination. 1-B is for persons who are at risk for breast cancer but have never experienced the disease.

“We now have a clear understanding of the dosage range we need to investigate. To gain a sense of the nature of the immune response in relation to dosage and time, we are now expanding, which means increasing accrual to some of these dose levels. So that’s where phase 1A is at the moment. The Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Thomas Budd stated, “But we do have a general concept of the dosages that we should explore, so we’re opening it up to phase 1B.

Researchers will continue to assess safety, adjust the dosage, monitor the immunological response, and hunt for adverse effects in the 1-B group.

By the end of this year, the Clinic anticipates having the findings from this preliminary stage of the study.

Age restriction for breast cancer vaccination

Nonetheless, it continues to provide some protection for young adults and older teenagers.

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