Ozampic runs low for diabetic patients as weight loss increases

Some diabetic patients have to reduce their ozampic dose or switch to alternatives

Drugs like Ozampak have become so famous among people trying to lose weight that they are now rare in supplying diabetes patients who rely on medicines.

Diabetes patients say they are trying to find nearby pharmacies whose prescriptions are in stock. If they do not do so, some patients have to reduce the dose of ozampic and similar medicines to increase their supply or turn to alternative medicines.

Doctors say diabetic patients are making it difficult for diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels and limit the risk of complications such as kidney disease and blood vessels.

“The clock is hitting kidney and heart health, and long patients are without these treatment, so the risk accumulates.” Wash. , Which treats diabetic patients and converts some of them into an alternative to ozampic.

Robert Gabi, chief science and medical officer of the American Diabetes Association, said that doctors should prefer the use of ozampic in diabetic victims.

Nevertheless, doctors do not have to restrict their prescriptions to the drug use of drug treatment for the treatment of diabetes. Nor are there any symbols that people are angling to gain Ozampic to lose weight. The Wall Street Journal analysis said that digital health startups are in cash on drug demand, sometimes advertising or advising people who do not weigh.

Novo Nordesk A/S, which sells Ozampic, is moving forward to increase production capacity. However, people may face shortage from time to time, however, Chief Executive Lars Froegard Georgerson said, because the work has not ended while demand can remain high.

“I definitely understand how people struggle with weight and need to find something to work,” said Georod Balzar, a type 2 diabetes patient. “I just think that those who really need to survive should not sacrifice it with weight.”

Mr Ballzar, Vaeland, MOK, said that due to lack of supply, he had to wait three weeks last December to go to Ozampak with another diabetes drug.

During this wait, he said, he continued to take old medicines. He said he was suspected that it took a long time to overcome the blood levels and weights with his blood for a long time. He may have participated in his fatigue.

Ozampak was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in 2017, not obesity among those who do not have diabetes. Studies have found that ozampic can help control hypertension levels and reduce the risk of heart problems in diabetic victims.

Its main component, called semaglotide, has also been shown in studies to lose weight, including people with out -of -diabetes.

Based on studies, the FDA introduced a version of semoglotide that sells for coarse or overweight under the brand name of Vigo in Novo 2021 and who are trying to lose weight. The agency is reviewing the use of Smila for Eli Lily & Company’s diabetes drag Moonjaro.

These medicines have emerged as a popular weight loss treatment in recent months, when some celebrities, including Elon Musk and some influence on social media, said they were taking them to lose weight.

According to JP Morgan analysts, the weekly manuscripts of Moonjaro have increased sharply at the end of January after being introduced in May 2022. There is a shortage for Moujaro and an older diabetes drug, trolley.

According to JP Morgan analysts, US doctors wrote more than 313,000 prescriptions for Ozampk in the last week of January, which is 78 % higher than about 176,000 a year ago.

According to some doctors, if alternatives are not available, some people with obesity need a legitimate medical medical medical.

After introducing Vigo in 2021, Novo Nordsk did not struggle in supply cases, if people helped find diabetes as an alternative to weight loss.

Due to the shortage of ozampic, the Multi -Care Health System in the Spoken, Wash, and the clinical professor of Madison at the University of Washington, said he had to replace some of his diabetes patients with ozampic. Older medicines.

“This is causing disruption to a great extent,” said Dr. Visham.

Dr. Wisham said that old medicines are less efficient in controlling blood sugar levels and losing weight, which means that patients are at risk of infection, fatigue, or worse results from Coid 19.

Dr. Tatil said some patients who have turned to insulin because they cannot get ozampic are disappointed. Taking insulin can be burdensome for patients because it is taken several times a day, while Ozampic is a weekly injection, said Dr. Tattle, a clinical professor at Washington University.

Dr. Telle said converting to insulin is more at risk than ozampic due to dangerous low blood sugar.

Novo Nordesk said he expects Ozampic pen that supply 0.25- and 0.5 milligrams of food that will face intermittent supply barriers during mid-March, referring to high demand and logistics barriers Has gone

Lily said that wholesalers now have all the inventory of the amount of all the moonjars, though the pharmacies may take some time to get full stock and some patients may still be delayed in filling their prescriptions. A spokeswoman said that Lily is working to help people with diabetes fill their prescriptions.

How does the drug in Ozampic and Vegovi help you lose weight?

Weight loss is an important purpose of Subarazia Gardner’s LEALTH health, so he started researching Vigovo, a obesity anti -obesity drug with a drug like Ozampic.

Gardner, 33, says she wanted to stop eating breakfast and bangles, which played an important role in her obesity, and less eating. But the diet did not work and she did not want to go on the path of weight loss surgery.

After talking about his powers with his doctor during the annual physical, he got a prescription for Vigo. Now in seven weeks of treatment, Gardner says she’s “very low appetite” and is losing weight.

“I don’t think about the same food … I don’t think about breakfast and I am longer,” Gardner, Gardner, Gardner, who lives in Arizona, Gardner, who lives in Arizona, today. “

“I don’t even want hunger. I eat because I should be. You eat to survive, not to eat.”

“I don’t have breakfast. Once I eat, I don’t want anything else or I don’t want anything. I have no desire.” Sabrazia says about her experience with Gardner Anti. -Best Drug Vigo.Cortisi Sabrazia Gardner
Gardner could once eat 10 poultry wings in a seat, but when he recently treated himself, he barely ate three. After that he suffered a stomach ache, one of the side effects he has tested on the drug. Since the start of Vigovo, Gardner has also received fatigue, diarrhea and “really prominent” nausea for which she takes another medicine.

Gardner says she never feels hungry all day and is no longer attracted to chips or chocolates – foods she used for desire and breakfast. She has lost about 10 pounds so far.

Ozampic runs low for diabetic patients as weight loss increases

What’s the difference between Ozampk and Vigo?

Vegovo contains semaglotide, the same drug that is found in ozampic, the treatment of type 2 diabetes that comes with a famous side effect: weight loss.

Vigovo has been approved for weight loss through the US Food and Drug Administration, while not ozampic, though many people are using it off -labels for this purpose. Each drug is injected by patients once a week.

The only difference between the two medicines is the design of the injector pen and dose, says Dr. Louis Arun, a physician of obesity Medicine and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Center in the New York Prabterine.

Vigovo falls into five different food powers, while Ozampak has four.

According to Novo Nordisk, Ozampic has a maximum of 2 milligrams and 2.4 milligrams for Vigo, which makes both medicines. The company says they are not exchanged.

How do Ozampic and Vigo cause weight loss?

Navo a scientific adviser to Navardesk, says semoglotide is an artificial version of the hormone known as the GLP-1, which the body releases in the intestine when people eat.

When the drug collides with GLP-1 receptors in different parts of the brain, which triggers a reaction, causing nerves that imitate the effect of food people have reduced appetite, And when they eat, they feel quickly.

“He absorbs the hormone in the bloodstream, goes into the brain, and tells the brain that you have eaten. So people basically feel that they have already taken it and eaten it.

“It’s such a thing that if I gave you Thanksgiving Dinner and then I told you to eat another meal. You will say, ‘I can’t potentially eat it. I just eat a whole meal ate. ”

Arun says another way to work for medicines is to reduce stomach emptying, which reduces calorie absorption and can help in a sense of fullness.

According to the FDA, those who took Vigovo for 16 months in the largest placebo-controlled trial, were lost on average 12 % of their body weight, which gained Placebo.

How do people feel about food while taking Semaglutide?

A typical anecdote Irwin heard from a patient: “I went to the same restaurant I always go to, I ordered the same dinner I always order, but when I had eaten half of it, I continued. Couldn’t keep it in. I felt so full, so bloated that I couldn’t eat anymore.

“I have more time in the day now because I’m not thinking about my next meal all the time,” says someone who has an eating disorder or obsessively thinks about food.

Some people even lose their appetite. “Looking at a bag of Doritos was like looking at a pair of socks,” Ozempic user Shea Murray previously told TODAY.

People have to keep taking semaglutide for the drug to keep working — otherwise, they’ll regain up to two-thirds of the weight they lost, studies show. Doctors say this is not a short-term cosmetic solution for someone who wants to lose 10 pounds to look good in a swimsuit, but a long-term treatment for people with obesity-related health problems. are

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